/. : Feds Have Access To Cellphone Tracking On Request

Humberto Massa hmassa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 20:40:58 CET 2007

This strikes me as a uninteligible answer:

2007/11/29, t3st3r <t3st3r at mail.ru>:
> > i wholeheartedly support this open platform that gives its users the control
> > to turn -any- of its radios on or off at will (of the operator...).
> This will not help too much.Either you're not in the network or network should be aware about your location.When someone calls you (...)
If I don't want to be located, I don't want to be called, either --
think "plane mode", no radios on but MP3/AVI player on, agenda on,
text editor on, etc. That is what people meant when they say "turn off
any of its radios at will". I want to have a check button saying "GSM
radio on/off", other saying "GPS radio on/off", other saying "WiFi
radio on/off". So I can ... drumroll ... turn them off _at_ _will_.

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