GTA02b4 in februari and Fosdem 2008

Christ van Willegen cvwillegen at
Fri Nov 30 11:10:14 CET 2007


I've gathered from the e-mails that the GTA02 will be distributed to
end users in Februari. I can live with that, no problem. BUT: On
Februari 23rd and 24th 2008 (see Fosdem 2008
will be held in Brussels.

Fosdem is an excellent opportunity to show off the GTA02. About a
thousand Free and Open Software people will attend.

I plan to visit Fosdem next year, and will probably man a stand at
least part of the weekend. If I have my phone by then, it'd be great
to show it off, especially if someone ports a Jabber client to it.

So, two questions:
- How sure is it that I have my Neo in my hands on feb 22nd 2008
- Has a Jabber client been ported alredy? It need not be a flashy GUI
version, a text version would suffice.

Christ van Willegen
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