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Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Nov 30 21:34:39 CET 2007

Heikki Sørum wrote:
> When were talking about different ways to use accelerometers..
> Bob meet's Alice and they both want each others contact
> information. First Bob and Alice shake their phones in an predetermined
> password pattern to unlock the
> bluetooth/zigbe/(whatever-short-range-radio). 
> Then they both shake their phones in rythm to an short tune
> playing on Alice's phone. The phones then pair with the 
> other phone, exchange simple authkeys and Vcards.
> Now Bob and Alice has authenticated each others phones and they got
> each others phone number. Lucky Bob and Alice!
> On an more serious note, Two such paired bluetooth devices could also
> exchange an RSA/DSA encryption key to ensure private
> SMS/MMS/conversations.

If Bob (or Alice) hands his (or her) phone to the other, then if both 
phones are shaken in the same hand, the acceleration pattern might 
provide an extremely unique yet similar signature, not unlike exchanging 
an encryption key.

So if you want to establish a trusted relationship with another Neo 
user, the two phones are shaken together until the software indicates 
that you have generated a complex enough pattern that has been 
recognized on the other.

Once this has been established, they can exchange one of the standard 
encryption keys.

All without pressing a single key, and without danger of exposing 
anything to other Neo or bluetooth devices within range.

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