need someone to develop this....

Ian Darwin ian at
Fri Nov 30 22:35:19 CET 2007

> If Bob (or Alice) hands his (or her) phone to the other, then if both 
> phones are shaken in the same hand, the acceleration pattern might 
> provide an extremely unique yet similar signature, not unlike exchanging 
> an encryption key.
> So if you want to establish a trusted relationship with another Neo 
> user, the two phones are shaken together until the software indicates 
> that you have generated a complex enough pattern that has been 
> recognized on the other.

Michael, this is (I think) brilliant!

We could call it... "the handshake" (OK, anyone who doesn't know why 
that's funny, see

I wonder if we could do an Neo-iPhone handshake the same way? I heard 
something about Apple finally releasing an SDK for the iPhone :-) 
(Please, no follow-ups to this jibe, except off-list!).

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