Question about the End User release

Robin Sonefors ozamosi at
Mon Oct 1 00:30:24 CEST 2007

sön 2007-09-30 klockan 14:33 -0500 skrev Kamisamanou Burgess:
> Is the hardware for the developer release the same as the 
> consumer release will be?

That depends on what developer release you are refering to.

The phone you can buy now is a GTA01. That one's for developers only.

In a few months (december, preliminary), you'll be able to buy GTA02.
GTA02 is the one with wifi, graphics acceleration, and all that. This
one will also only be for developers to begin with.

A while after that (I don't know any estimations), it's time for the
consumer release. The consumer version is the exact same GTA02 phone as
was sold before.

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