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Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Mon Oct 1 18:53:08 CEST 2007

I have no problem with this, myself. The Nokia phones are fairly open - not
as much as the Neo, but they are definitely free to develop for. Their N800,
for example, is effectively closed only in hardware. This is no worse than a
huge number of PCs, whose hardware has closed drivers.

Nokia is a very succesful company with a lot of products, so they can easily
spread awareness of the advantage to an open platform. That is something
currently very difficult with the OpenMoko project at the moment, but
essential to its success. It is nice to see Nokia taking this approach, as
it shows they have a comitment to it as the powerful selling point it should
Besides, Nokia's phones are a lot more open than various other leading
smartphones -- let's hope they blast the closed ones out of the marketplace.

-Dylan McCall

On 10/1/07, Adam <krikstone at> wrote:
> Ad:
> "Open to anything"
> I guess there are different definitions of "open."
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