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I'll agree with that. I actually like the vibration idea. I don't like that
the list is loaded with stuff like
"IR portRemote control applications Would be great to use openmoko as a
Hamony remote controller."
I don't quite see the necessity in running you tv with your cellphone

On 10/1/07, Jeffrey Thomas <eljefedelito at> wrote:
> > It seems that most the things on this wish list are entirely unnecessary
> > and battery consuming
> I am not sure what else is on the list, but I think this (vibration
> feedback)
> is a pretty useful feature, especially for non-geeks.  Remember, a lot of
> think a GUI on a computer isn't needed, but how many have sold since it's
> become that much more obvious what is going on? (true enough, price drops
> have helped the computer's uptake in the last 20+ years, but you get my
> point
> I hope)
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