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openmoko at tonymorelli.com openmoko at tonymorelli.com
Tue Oct 2 01:28:32 CEST 2007

Will I be able to use GTA02 as a phone?  Or will I still be required to
have the neo plugged in via usb tied to a computer and ssh in, and face
east while standing on one leg to make a phone call?

More direct question: What state will the software be in when the GTA02
ships? (Not that I will buy a GTA02, I am just wondering when I can use my

> GTA02:
> ------
> We are entering the last phases of finalizing the design. From this
> point forward there are three key milestones in the life of a hardware
> platform: Prototype runs; a pilot run; and mass production. We have made
> three prototype runs to test various subsystems. Our best case analysis
> of the schedule indicates that GTA02 will be ready for shipment to end
> users in early to mid December.

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