Update from OpenMoko

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Tue Oct 2 01:42:12 CEST 2007

openmoko at tonymorelli.com wrote:
> Will I be able to use GTA02 as a phone?  

We hope so, but we won't hold up release of the hardware if the software 
is incomplete. The November release of GTA02 is still aimed at 
developers: The hardware will be finished, but the software will still 
be under development.

> Or will I still be required to
> have the neo plugged in via usb tied to a computer and ssh in, and face
> east while standing on one leg to make a phone call?


> More direct question: What state will the software be in when the GTA02
> ships? (Not that I will buy a GTA02, I am just wondering when I can use my
> GTA01)

In my next update I hope to focus more on the software. I've been on the 
road lately and have not had a chance to talk to the software team; I 
hope to do so next week. Then I should be able to provide some 
information as to (a) the current state of the software and (b) the 
state of the software we expect to coincide with the release of GTA02.

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