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On 10/1/07, Uncle Kridley <krid at> wrote:
> Kamisamanou Burgess wrote:
> > I don't like that the list is loaded with stuff like
> > "IR portRemote control applications Would be great to use openmoko as a
> > Hamony remote controller."
> > I don't quite see the necessity in running you tv with your cellphone
> I don't have much use for a fancy TV remote, but I would very much like
> to use my phone as a "remote" for my Squeezebox music system
> (  It would be great to be able to frob the
> web UI while sitting on the couch, since that's a lot more expressive
> than slowly crawling through the two-line display on the box using the
> IR remote.
> Just because you don't want to do something with your phone doesn't mean
> that the rest of us share your feelings.  This is open source, and it
> moves forward because people work on what interest them.  The end result
> is something that's stronger for everyone.
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Well put and understood. However, adding extra hardware to the phone so it
can do things not within the sensibility of the majority of users is not a
good practice. I too would enjoy interfacing with different devices over the
internet, wifi, or bluetooth and would expect such software to be developed
by someone someday.

Kamisamanou Burgess
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