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openmoko at tonymorelli.com wrote:
> Will I be able to use GTA02 as a phone?  Or will I still be required to
> have the neo plugged in via usb tied to a computer and ssh in, and face
> east while standing on one leg to make a phone call?
> More direct question: What state will the software be in when the GTA02
> ships? (Not that I will buy a GTA02, I am just wondering when I can use my
> GTA01)
Not to plug for Qtopia, but when you try ScaredyCat's Qtopia rootfs, I
must admit it feels a lot more polished (of course, they had a head
start ;-).
For my purposes, it's almost good as a day-to-day phone - I can make
phone-calls, send SMSes, take notes, calendar activites, etcetera
without ever using a terminal (except for battery time (Lorn Potter from
Qtopia is working on getting suspend working for the next snapshot - it
currently breaks GSM after resume) and some quirks with writing with the
onscreen keyboard).

Just my $.02!

Kindest regards, Jørgen P. Tjernø.

Ps. I love OpenMoko!
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