Acoustic feedback

Richard Reichenbacher richard5 at
Tue Oct 2 09:21:03 CEST 2007

I posted this in the forum but never received a response.  Any possibility
of an official ipkg repo from trolltech so we don't have to keep reflashing?
I've actually been using qtopia on my neo as an everyday phone and I hate to
keep reflashing and redoing my settings every time there's an update.

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Michael Welter wrote:
> Lorn Potter wrote:
>> Michael Welter wrote:
>>> I was making some test calls using the Neo and Qtopia.  When I 
>>> performed the echo test (+13034144978 x820) I got repeating echos 
>>> (like you see with two opposing mirrors).
>> I used a wrong alsa state in the Qtopia tech preview image, which has 
>> an echo problem (sidetone), which I think might be this.
>>> This has been on the list before, but OM will not send DTMF digits 
>>> after the call has been set up.  
>> This is a bug in Qtopia. Comm guy loved that one. Has been fixed.
> The Qtopia sent DTMF digits just fine.  OM won't send digits after the 
> call has been set up.

ahhhhhha ok. gotcha.

>>> Also OM is not able to make calls after returning from sleep mode.  
>> Known bug. Still working on this one. For whatever reasons, the modem 
>> starts spitting out junk characters.
>>> And I think the calls are not disconnecting properly--if the Neo is 
>>> disconnected while the called telephone is ringing, the called 
>>> telephone continues to ring.
>> I haven't seen this one.
>> I am going to issue a snapshot update, since I got audiostate 
>> switching fixed in Qtopia.
> Let me know if you need help with the testing.

I think ScaredyCat from irc has setup snapshot image builds somewhere.

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