Possible Input method -- press and drag

Jonathan Spooner jspooner at nationwilcox.co.uk
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Nice, but I can see what hes getting at since I've tried the method 
shown in that link.  We are all used to the layout of a phone keypad so 
we know where the letters are.  Then you implement the left, down, right 
drag to select each of the three letters on each key.  I think a hybrid 
solution like that will be more usable to the typical user as I found 
the solution in that link below to be rather alien and awkward.


Patrick Beck wrote:
> Hello,
> you mean that solution? =>
> http://www.exideas.com/ME/DeviceSimulators/iPhone.html
> Greets Patrick Beck
> Am Dienstag, den 02.10.2007, 15:31 -0500 schrieb Derek Pressnall:
>> That looks similar to what I had in mind (and may end up being the
>> same in actual use), but I wasn't thinking of having an additional
>> popup graphic when you hit a key.  Instead, hitting and slightly
>> dragging to one side or another should probably cause the key icon to
>> perform an animated wiggle in that direction, which would probably be
>> less distracting than the popup splash graphic.  Also it wouldn't
>> require you to move your finger as far, it can start in the middle of
>> the key and move just a bit in the required direction instead of off
>> the button and to another popup button.  Also wouldn't require a bunch
>> of additonal reserved space around the outside buttons (bottom and
>> side rows) for the popup splash graphic.
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