UI responsiveness, Hope its not like new Blackberry

Michael michael at 2020support.com
Wed Oct 3 21:17:57 CEST 2007

Recently tried out the new Blackberry 8300, that a customer had  
purchased, and I almost wanted to throw it in the bin, but of course it  
was not mine. When you roll the ball there is about a quarter second  
delay before the indicator moves to the next icon, which means it hard  
to move to an icon quickly like in Marble Madness. Now I don't know if  
it is just me, but I just could not get used to that. Maybe it is  
because I am used to playing video games but if a Spectrum could do it  
at 3.5MHz then I dont see why an 8300 cant do it at 312MHz.
So, I was just hoping that the OpenMoko UI will at least have an  
instant response, even if this means you have to put up an egg timer to  
say that the system is busy and cannot respond straight away.


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