UI responsiveness, Hope its not like new Blackberry

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Thu Oct 4 07:57:09 CEST 2007

Ben Burdette writes:
>> That's really sad.  One of the real strengths of the old versions of
>> PalmOS (and the applications developed for it) was that interaction
>> was instantaneous -- in almost all cases, what you wanted happened
>> right away, and in the few exceptions, you were notified immediately
>> that the app had gotten the input and would take a while to process.
>Mine has become less responsive over time, as I have added more and more 
>data without ever deleting anything.  The time lag is in some surprising 
>places, not just where you'd expect like phone number lookup.  It is 
>disconcerting when the GUI takes over a second to respond sometimes, 
>then seems to be ok right afterward.

Interesting.  Mine (an antique Samsung I300, on an equally antique
Coldfire CPU) is really predictable about where the lags will be.

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