No Camera???

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Sat Oct 6 19:16:34 CEST 2007

Am 06.10.2007 um 19:06 schrieb <thomas.cooksey at>  
<thomas.cooksey at>:

> I've been following OpenMoko for nearly a year now and the thought  
> has only just struck me - There's no camera!
> Even the GTA02 seems to be missing a camera. Surely if this is  
> intended to be aimed at consumers a camera is a must?

Don't think so.

The _only_ reasons why i would like a camera is puting faces to  
addressbook entries and scanning barcodes.

> When the Neo is finally launched as a consumer product (say early  
> 2009) it's not going to matter how open it is or how many 3rd party  
> apps there are - People will not buy a phone without a camera. I  
> think the whole project is in real danger of being a very big,  
> expensive flop.

You could be right.
_But_ the Neo is in no way a phone for the average. This marked is  
well served with the usual suspects.

  Tilman Baumann

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