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> I've been following OpenMoko for nearly a year now and the thought  
> has only just struck me - There's no camera!
> Even the GTA02 seems to be missing a camera. Surely if this is  
> intended to be aimed at consumers a camera is a must?
> If you look on Nokia's website they have 35 phones listed. Filter  
> that by "with camera" and you get 30. Consumers want cameras and no  
> consumer is going to buy a phone without one??
> When the Neo is finally launched as a consumer product (say early  
> 2009) it's not going to matter how open it is or how many 3rd party  
> apps there are - People will not buy a phone without a camera. I  
> think the whole project is in real danger of being a very big,  
> expensive flop.
> Please, someone put my mind at rest! :-)

Search the archives, this discussion has taken place many many times.

Needless to say there won't be a camera as standard since the case  
tooling can't be altered at this stage.

If every design change requested were to be incorporated then the Neo  
would be the since of a laptop and would be ready in 10 years time.

A survey on The Register (UK site) had camera at the lowest required  
feature with about 25% of people saying they need one and 25% saying  
the couldn't care less.

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