No Camera???

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Sat Oct 6 20:39:51 CEST 2007

>Needless to say there won't be a camera as standard since the case  
>tooling can't be altered at this stage.

Then (IMO) the neo is going to be a failure in the market.

>If every design change requested were to be incorporated then the Neo  
>would be the since of a laptop and would be ready in 10 years time.

True - But we're talking about a feature nearly every other phone has and the neo is missing. It's also a feature people actually USE.

>A survey on The Register (UK site) had camera at the lowest required  
>feature with about 25% of people saying they need one and 25% saying  
>the couldn't care less.

Do you have a link? I can't seem to find it. Also, The Register's readers are hardly representative of the mobile phone market!

>the Neo is in no way a phone for the average. This marked is 
>well served with the usual suspects.

Ok, I was under the impression the Neo would be aimed at end users.

>If I'm going to take pictures, I use a camera :-)
Me too - much better quality. The problem is that I don't usually know when I walk out the door in the morning if I'm going to want to take a photo that day and so I don't walk around with a camera. I do however (nearly) always carry my phone with me. That's why 30 of the 35 phones Nokia sells come with a camera.

The neo will not penetrate the consumer market without a camera. Not a chance. So, intentional or otherwise, the neo is going to be a geek's toy and nothing more. What a shame.



PS: Sorry if this is going over ground already covered on the list.
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