No Camera???

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Sat Oct 6 21:18:41 CEST 2007

>You appear to only be focusing on one group that share a common
>interest. Keep in my that the OpenMoko/Neo 1973 is not necessarily designed
>for teenagers or kids who's sole focus is the text messaging and the camera.

I thought it was aimed at non-techy people, I guess I was wrong. My point is that it would have been cool to see some of the big operators like T-Mobile, AT&T or Orange offer the Neo, or even to be able to walk into a high-street shop and buy one. I wanted to see the industry change and move away from closed phones. In a way, this is beginning to happen (thanks in part to OpenMoko I guess). Just have a look at as an example (Motorola's announcement that a native SDK is under development for the Razr2).

I just wanted to change the world, that's all! (sob sob).
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