No Camera???

Ben Burdette bburdette at
Sat Oct 6 23:11:17 CEST 2007

> So ultimately i think not having a camera might diminish the market,
> but won't doom the phone.
> --clayton

I have to agree.  I personally would like a camera, and if I knew there 
would be a neo coming out with one in the near future I might even wait 
for it.  But I don't think this will 'doom' the phone, by any means.  
I'll still be buying my gta02, though I might sell it one day in 
exchange for one with a camera.  The neo is still capable of doing many 
many things without it being a camera too, its worth it to me to get 
onto the platform and be in a position to contribute to the community. 

A phone camera is lousy for taking pictures compared to a real camera.  
But it is good for taking photos of things when you didn't think to 
bring a camera with you, or you just don't want to haul around a big 
phone.  I have a nice camera, but I don't take it with me many times 
because it is so big.  For instance, it would be handy to take a picture 
of a map, and then have it in the phone for reference.  Or other 
documents, like menus, agendas, etc. 

I like the idea of there being a lot of interesting open source apps to 
use the camera for the unexpected - like gesture recognition, for 
instance.  Use your hand gestures for gaming.  This may be unrealistic 
given the neo's processing capabilities, but who knows? 


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