No Camera???

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Sun Oct 7 08:44:28 CEST 2007

> The situation where you absolutely need the camera is after you've  
> been involved in a traffic collision.  Hopefully you'll be able to  
> use it.

I use it for far more than just this sort of thing .. its an info- 
gathering device.  Instead of typing in someones business card, for  
example, I just take a picture of it and chuck it away .. my contacts  
database is full of pictures of various things that are related to  
the contact .. digital cameras are not just a 'pleasure' or 'art'  
tool, they have a very broad set of highly 'obvious' applications,  
and for an info-gathering tool such as OpenMoko is becoming, it  
really does seem pointless not to have video capture on board.

But if there were some way we could at least get digital image  
capture happening over bluetooth, this would be moot - I already  
carry around a Sony Ericsson phone with me, and if I could at least  
transfer the photo's easily from that phone to the neo1973, it'd be  
quite handy.  Pun intended.


Jay Vaughan

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