dfu-util only gives "Permission Denied"

frogger at x-game.se frogger at x-game.se
Sun Oct 7 18:26:28 CEST 2007

This is my first entry after receiving my OpenMoko kit this friday. This
is also my first time using a Linux Computer to do anything real, so
please forgive me if my questions are naive and simple =)

So I have my new Ubuntu computer up and running and I wanted to start
flashing the Neo phone just get a feel for it before attacking the
development environment.

I downloaded the dfu-util software and moved it to /bin for convenience.
Now everytime I try try to run dfu-util I get a "Permission Denied" error.
I have tried using "sudo dfu-util --help" as well as using "sudo su -" to
be a root user but i get only "Permission Denied". Now I get the feeling
that I don't have the required Linux skills to solve this myself, hence
this question to this list.

does anyone have  a good answer to this ?


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