No Camera???

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Mon Oct 8 16:41:41 CEST 2007

thomas.cooksey at wrote:

>> A survey on The Register (UK site) had camera at the lowest required  
>> feature with about 25% of people saying they need one and 25% saying  
>> the couldn't care less.
> Do you have a link? I can't seem to find it. Also, The Register's readers are hardly representative of the mobile phone market!

Waht market?
Forget about market. The Neo has no need to provide what the 'Marked' wants.
The Marked is oversaturated by Nokia, Motorola and co.

It would be completely sucidal to compete with them.
Openmokos chance is to fill a niche that is not covered by all the big 
And that is freedom, the ability for unlimitless customisability and 
software that is written by nerds who love theyr software and written 
for nerds.

>> the Neo is in no way a phone for the average. This marked is 
>> well served with the usual suspects.
> Ok, I was under the impression the Neo would be aimed at end users.

Where is the conflict?

Linux distros are for end users too. But clearly not for everyone.
But that is ok.

World domination can wait.
It would be completely stupid to enter the marked with linux as a 
windows replacement for everyone as it would be stupid to enter the 
marked with the Neo as a replacement for all the nokia phones out there.

You can just take all 'end user surveys' and stick them enywhere. They 
are irelevant. The question is, where can the Neo find its marked where 
the others are not.
If a phone would be fine is non the less a valid question.
But as it was said, there is non going to come for the next version. 
Because it is impossible to change the design so far. period.
And i don't think that will be a killer.

Later versions might have a phone. Maybe...

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