OpenMoko talk at Ontario Linux Fest, October 13, Toronto, Canada

Ian Darwin ian at
Tue Oct 9 03:26:04 CEST 2007

A busy week for OM talks in North America!

This has been on the "current events" page for a while, but just to 
reiterate: I'll be giving a presentation about OpenMoko at the Ontario 
Linux Fest in Toronto on Saturday, Oct 13th. The attendees are mostly 
Linux fans but I'm guessing most of them won't know much about OpenMoko 
(if they've already all written dozens of OM apps then my talk is going 
to be very short). :-)

Ontario Linux is expecting about 600 attendees and has several tracks.
Check out for details and to register if you're able 
to attend.

Feel free to say hi after my talk or at either of the evening parties.

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