3G status within the US?

Doug Sutherland doug at proficio.ca
Tue Oct 9 04:08:44 CEST 2007

The numbering SIM cards is based on ISO/IEC 7812.
The maximum length of the visible card number is 19 or 20 characters:

Issuer Identification number (max. 7 digits)
Major Industry Identifier (MII), 2 digits, 89 for telecommunication
Country code, 1-3 digits, as defined by ITU-T recommendation E.164.
Issuer identifier, variable.
Individual account identification number
Parity check digit

The number 71234 O 4022 is not a SIM card (ICCID) number.
The IMEI is the serial number of the device (phone) not the card.

Doug Sutherland
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> Interesting -- the numbers on my SIM are in a very different format
> (four rows of 4 decimal digits each, followed by one row of three
> decimal digits); what I take to be a version number (37.05A) is at a
> 90 degree angle to the others.
> Jeff Andros writes:
> >the numbers I see are:
> >71234 O
> >   4022
> >
> >sorry, I'm not sending my IMEI down a public channel

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