Suggestions for future hardware revisions

wolfgang_a_h at wolfgang_a_h at
Tue Oct 9 13:57:26 CEST 2007

Hello community,

what do you think of the following possible new hardware additions:

1) NFC (Near Field Communication), see
This seems likely to become a new craze in the mobile industry - perhaps it is a good idea to already keep an eye on it (I think that Nokia already brought out a phone with such capability) and start looking out for hardware components with open drivers or perhaps even try to initiate such endeavours. 
2) More than one (at least two) SIM card slots, preferably active at the same time (!). There are "SIM card splitters" available, but they only allow one card to be selected at startup time (because the phone of course does not know about the two cards). 
BTW, did anyone have any luck with putting such a splitter into the Neo?

I'm using multiple cards in different phones (business, private, SMS, i.e. depending on use and contract/plan) and it would be just great to have a phone that allows to select which SIM (i.e. contract) to use on-the-fly and also makes it possible to be reachable under all the different numbers on the same device.

There are phones which support additional "multi SIM" add-ons (mostly integrated in a larger battery backpack), but AFAIK there is no phone that does this out-of-the-box. Even if there were - I'd very much like my "Freed Phone" to be able to do that! ;o)

Greetings to all

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