dev mess

Kero van Gelder kero at
Tue Oct 9 18:56:12 CEST 2007


Updated OE/OM with MokoMakefile a few times.
 - dropbear has no /etc/rc*.d/ links anymore
   There is a postinst script, tho
 - matchbox-window-manager does not get linked w/ update-alternatives
 - libmatchbox is gone
So I have no X.

Together, I had an image in qemu that showed me a progressbar that stopped
and I had no way of accessing the image. So I had to remove psplash.

When I removed psplash from various RDEPENDS, the Makefile
happily kept rebuilding and including it. Until I removed task-openmoko a bit too rough
after which it complained it could not find task-openmoko-* (which is
correct since the ipkgs were gone; why not try to recreate those ipkgs
and (thus) give me a nice warning about what I should do?)
Are there some timestamps in use when building things, instead of looking at the
things? Which things are replaced by timestamps?
Where are the docs or testing scripts for this?

Finally, I created an image again, which I can look into. That's when
I could see the errors at the start of my post.

The big Q for me is, Did I Bork my DevEnv thoroughly enough, such that
I must reinstall? Or should I keep trying `bitbake -c rebuild *` until
things work again? like for webkit, which I never even touched myself :(

[No, it's working fine] That's not my definition of "fine".
Where should I send the series of bugreports on dropbear and matchbox, then?

[Yes, you borked it] How the *** do I prevent that next time?!?

Finally, `make flash-qemu-local` fails about 90% of the time on timeouts.
If I do not kill the qemu by hand, I can keep trying indefinitely.
I handcrafted a few build/qemu/openmoko/flash-*sh files with parts of to be faster. That's not how a dev env is supposed to work.

The "most_recent" script using python is ab-so-lutely wrong. It has
no clue what "most recent" constitutes. Is it the -ipkg- insertion? The Sep/Oct
ordering? Why doesn't it look at the 2007mmdd part? or the mtime of the rootfs?
I can't read the python, it's too perlish. Am I the only one using `make
flash-qemu-local` this month?


PS: I'm getting tired of this. libgsmd/tool destroys my August image
after a bit of messing. I can not use the current state of libgsmd
since there's no dbus inside it. I can not run fresh images since the dev env
isn't quite what I want it to be (tho I suppose I can work on some low-level
things without X. Working without dropbear/ssh is virtually impossible,
especially when there's no X(term) to start it from.

You got the ruby packages and gtk2+glade2 bindings from me, but
they're not in bitbake format; do you expect me to be able to wrap
things in bitbake if my dev env runs the risk of getting borked
any minute?

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