Shipping-(Cost-)Information (esp. to germany)

KeKeSeB kekeseb at
Tue Oct 9 19:00:56 CEST 2007

Kevin Zuber a écrit :
> Dear community,
> because that is my first posting here, I would like to introduce myself.
> I'm Kevin (you can also say Kev as nick), a german student in a grammar
> school for information technology. I prefer to use open source software
> and so I am very interesing in the openmoko project. I first heard about
> it in the chaosradio ( and since that I like
> openmoko with its philosophy.
> I'm thinking about buying the developer preview and investing some time,
> maybe I could help the project a little bit making openmoko great.
> First I visited and noticed that I couldn't find any
> information about shipping. I think it would be awesome to provide these
> informations. I can't imagine whether it costs 50$ or 5$, if it needs 5
> days or 5 weeks for shipping.
> There is no need for an exact price, but I would like to know
> approximate informations.
> Thank you for the answer,
> Kev

Hi Kev,

I think, you have to make a fake order in order to view all the shipping 


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