dev mess

Kero van Gelder kero at
Wed Oct 10 01:43:44 CEST 2007

> First off, perhaps you can explain a bit more about what you are trying
> to achieve with your set up. There are pre-built images available from

As a developer, I want to be able to extend and add software to
OpenMoko. Afaik this can be done wih separate ipkgs, as well as
building your own image. For reasons of accepting my additions and
changes, I think I'll need the second, eventually. Creating ipkgs is
smoother when using bitbake in the local part of the OE tree, too.

All the rest is a consequence of that desire.
Things "just break". They shouldn't, imho, but they do.

So, on a reasonably fresh update (today, as well as last Thu evening)
both dropbear and the graphical environment are broken.
Let's start with dropbear. It's simpler.

Is dropbear broken for other people updating their OM dev env?

> Could you describe the problems with libgsmd and gsmd in a bit more
> detail? If you find the Neo1973 is completely locking up, then it is
> likely your Neo1973 is set up to multiplex the gsm and serial port. This
> can be disabled by editing a parameter in u-boot.

After using libgsmd on gsmd for a bit, something starts spitting out
lots of "P[" or something like it. Fills the console of the Neo easily.
Then it stops spitting. Neo locks up, reboot necessary. Spitting of
stuff happens, without me using libgsmd or gsmd, even with symlinks
in /etc/rc*.d removed. Succeful booting becomes impossible, I do not
get an ssh connection going anymore. Neo might be locked at that
point, but I can not verify that. Reinstall needed.

So far, I have absolutely not been able to figure anything out.
Is it the kernel? likely. Which part causes it? communication by
gsmd, I'd guess. Specific communication? I need CPIN and I haven't
seen a GUI app that requests a PIN code. So I guess there's only 
a handful of people using PIN codes. But that's going on a limb.
What gets broken? Your guess is as good as mine.

One last thing I might try is `ipkg upgrade` on the snapshot of

I do not have a debug board.


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