Keypad for fingers, not stylus

Openmoko openmoko at
Wed Oct 10 08:57:22 CEST 2007


I've started a little project: to make a keypad where it's not required to
use the stylus, i.e. the fingers should be used instead.

The plan is to make an alternative to the matchbox keyboard so that the new
keypad can be used both in terminal, for texting etc.

So far I've only implemented the very basics, e.g. to write a "c" three
pushed on one butten is required. I've also plans for implementing a
dictionary, e.g. T-9 or an alternative: the most common words appear based
on the already entered letters (if "ba" entered manually by pressing a
sequence such as (22,22,2) then the phone should propose for example

I'm already thinking about the data structures, search algorithms etc., but
I'm really not that sharp at C (only at C# ;-)), so it would be great if
someone would participate in especially that part (which also includes to
compile it to ARM and not just x86). I've submitted an application at, but haven't got an answer yet.

I couldn't attach the code for some reason (the mail did apparently not go
through mailman), but if you're interested, I can just mail it directly.

Please feel free to comment ideas etc.!

Mikkel Meyer Andersen

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