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Wed Oct 10 09:59:25 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-10 at 01:43 +0200, Kero van Gelder wrote:
> > First off, perhaps you can explain a bit more about what you are trying
> > to achieve with your set up. There are pre-built images available from
> >
> As a developer, I want to be able to extend and add software to
> OpenMoko. Afaik this can be done wih separate ipkgs, as well as
> building your own image. For reasons of accepting my additions and
> changes, I think I'll need the second, eventually. Creating ipkgs is
> smoother when using bitbake in the local part of the OE tree, too.

I am developing the some of the applications for OpenMoko and I would
recommend setting up an OpenEmbedded rather than using the MokoMakefile.
Instructions can be found here:

Writing a .bb file to create your ipkg and install it on the device is
then fairly simple. Copying existing ones is often a good way to get

> All the rest is a consequence of that desire.
> Things "just break". They shouldn't, imho, but they do.
> So, on a reasonably fresh update (today, as well as last Thu evening)
> both dropbear and the graphical environment are broken.
> Let's start with dropbear. It's simpler.
> Is dropbear broken for other people updating their OM dev env?

There are thousands of recipes in OE and occasionally a change does
break things. However, I rebuild my environment most days and haven't
had the problems you describe.

> > Could you describe the problems with libgsmd and gsmd in a bit more
> > detail? If you find the Neo1973 is completely locking up, then it is
> > likely your Neo1973 is set up to multiplex the gsm and serial port. This
> > can be disabled by editing a parameter in u-boot.
> After using libgsmd on gsmd for a bit, something starts spitting out
> lots of "P[" or something like it. Fills the console of the Neo easily.
> Then it stops spitting. Neo locks up, reboot necessary. Spitting of
> stuff happens, without me using libgsmd or gsmd, even with symlinks
> in /etc/rc*.d removed. Succeful booting becomes impossible, I do not
> get an ssh connection going anymore. Neo might be locked at that
> point, but I can not verify that. Reinstall needed.

A reinstall shouldn't be needed after a software error, unless you were
upgrading. If you have an old version of u-boot it may be worth checking
that you ran 'nand erase rootfs' before flashing the rootfs.

When I had problems with gsmd it would lock the entire phone but it
wouldn't print anything out as far as I know. The following bug report
might be of some help:

> So far, I have absolutely not been able to figure anything out.
> Is it the kernel? likely. Which part causes it? communication by
> gsmd, I'd guess. Specific communication? I need CPIN and I haven't
> seen a GUI app that requests a PIN code. So I guess there's only 
> a handful of people using PIN codes. But that's going on a limb.
> What gets broken? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Dialer application should ask for a PIN if required. If it is not
working properly, please file a bug.



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