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Kero van Gelder kero at
Thu Oct 11 00:31:43 CEST 2007

Thanks for you answers, they're helpful.

> > Is dropbear broken for other people updating their OM dev env?
> There are thousands of recipes in OE and occasionally a change does
> break things. However, I rebuild my environment most days and haven't
> had the problems you describe.

I've to install the dev env on a second laptop anyhow, so I'll just move
it higher on my prio list.

> > > Could you describe the problems with libgsmd and gsmd in a bit more
> > > detail? If you find the Neo1973 is completely locking up, then it is
> > > likely your Neo1973 is set up to multiplex the gsm and serial port. This
> > > can be disabled by editing a parameter in u-boot.
> > 
> > After using libgsmd on gsmd for a bit, something starts spitting out
> > lots of "P[" or something like it. Fills the console of the Neo easily.
> > Then it stops spitting. Neo locks up, reboot necessary. Spitting of
> > stuff happens, without me using libgsmd or gsmd, even with symlinks
> > in /etc/rc*.d removed. Succeful booting becomes impossible, I do not
> > get an ssh connection going anymore. Neo might be locked at that
> > point, but I can not verify that. Reinstall needed.
> A reinstall shouldn't be needed after a software error, unless you were
> upgrading. If you have an old version of u-boot it may be worth checking
> that you ran 'nand erase rootfs' before flashing the rootfs.

Yes, I ran `nand erase rootfs` every time :)

> When I had problems with gsmd it would lock the entire phone but it
> wouldn't print anything out as far as I know. The following bug report
> might be of some help:

You bet!
Some of these things sound familiar.
Good enough to try to fix my problems.


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