Some ideas for the accelerometer

Dietz Proepper dietz.openmoko at
Fri Oct 12 11:44:52 CEST 2007


first, I'm new to this list, hello.

Second, an the reason to subscribe ;-) I've got an idea for using the 
accelerometer. If it came up before, sorry for the bandwidth.

But now, for the real stuff.
The following scenario, you carry your phone in some pocket. Now it rings, 
but you want it to get quiet quickly. What happens? You start digging for 
your phone, struggle for the "get quiet" button. Wouldn't it be more 
comfortable to simply knock at the pocket (and therefore the phone), 
detect the acceleration of the shock and shut off the bell? I don't have a 
Neo to try, but if the accelerometer is sensible enough to realize such an 
event, it should be quite easy to implement I think.
If that works, making "knocking the phone" some kind of input event might 
be the next logical step...

What do you think?

kindest regards,
	Dietz Proepper

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