Keypad for fingers, not stylus

Alex Zhang celeber2 at
Fri Oct 12 11:48:37 CEST 2007

> It might be worth reusing/reimplementing SCIM or other multilingual 
> dictionary system ( instead of 
> T9.  I have used SCIM with Gnome on Ubuntu Linux to convert pinyin to 
> mandarin.  I think SCIM also plays nice with X, and I assume it would 
> not be too difficult to make it convert "number-speak" to English.  
> So, the hardest part would probably be building the dictionary, and 
> getting the whole thing to build and fit on the phone.
AFAIK, there is a Linux Mobile-Phone design house uses SCIM for thier 
product in China.
In fact, I plan to port SCIM to openmoko after openmoko runs OK on my 
A1200 or I get a Neo. :)
And a good news is I remember Sean mentioned in ML that Openmoko 
development team has an input method expert. ;)

Alex Zhang

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