Some ideas for the accelerometer

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Fri Oct 12 11:59:18 CEST 2007

Am Freitag 12 Oktober 2007 11:44:52 schrieb Dietz Proepper:
> Hi,
> first, I'm new to this list, hello.
> Second, an the reason to subscribe ;-) I've got an idea for using the
> accelerometer. If it came up before, sorry for the bandwidth.
> But now, for the real stuff.
> The following scenario, you carry your phone in some pocket. Now it rings,
> but you want it to get quiet quickly. What happens? You start digging for
> your phone, struggle for the "get quiet" button. Wouldn't it be more
> comfortable to simply knock at the pocket (and therefore the phone),
> detect the acceleration of the shock and shut off the bell? I don't have a
> Neo to try, but if the accelerometer is sensible enough to realize such an
> event, it should be quite easy to implement I think.
> If that works, making "knocking the phone" some kind of input event might
> be the next logical step...
> What do you think?
> kindest regards,
> 	Dietz Proepper

Well, this exact idea didn't came up before, but there was a discussion 
whether an accelerometer could/should be use for input. The summary is: No, 
due to the fact the accelerations are too un-uniqe. They might happen while 
walking, or anywhere else...

I personally do like this idea, but I think it's too hard to implent... (I'm 
on a Macbook Pro with motion sensors, and it's nearly impossible to detect 
whether it's been moved or shaken...)

	Fabian Off

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