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Fri Oct 12 12:36:22 CEST 2007

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Hello OpenMoko people!

I study at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria
(near Linz). I organize events for our LUG, and I would really love to
have somebody talk about the OpenMoko project. First off, we have some
really interesting studies that relate quite nicely to the topics that
are interesting for OpenMoko:

* Hardware/Software Systems Engineering
* Mobile Computing
* Embedded Systems Design
* Software Engineering
and several others, for a complete list please visit

The conditions would be:
* Preferably the speech would be in german, but shouldn't be a big
problem if it is in english.
* The speaker should have a phone with OpenMoko installed so people can
see it in real life
* We pay the travelling costs, although the distance should not be too
far (about 300 to 400 kilometers is no problem *waving to the direction
of Munich*)
* I can't guarantee that we can pay anything else, but if you get in
contact with me, we can talk about it so I can go begging to the
responsible people.

I would really love to have such a talk at our university, so please
just contact me if you are interested.

Greetings from Austria, Wolfgang.
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