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Hi Justin & Thomas

I think the investment made into the UI is extremely important and valuable (well done, Thomas).

Shall we put together a usability team so these user centered design efforts continue?

I'm a usability expert and would love to get engaged on a mobile device project.

We could do personas, interviews, usability tests, etc...

Any takers?

Carla White

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On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 23:31 -0700, Justin Wong wrote:
> Hello! I've been really interested in interface usability and design
> since I've been taking this HCI course at my university.
> I've been interested in and following OpenMoko development a little.
> I'd love to know if and how I can get involved with the OpenMoko
> project with respect to interface usability and design. Is there a
> specific team that does this sort of work? 

Hi Justin,

The current (2007.2) GUI was designed at OpenedHand by myself and a few
others. I wrote about some of the design decisions here:

If you have any specific questions though, please let me know.



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