Some ideas for the accelerometer

Oliver embry00s at
Fri Oct 12 17:38:40 CEST 2007

I've had similar ideas, but haven't posted them yet. Here's one:

Imagine you're surfing the internet, or checking a map, or something like
that. We don't have a multi-touch screen, so we can't zoom out with our
fingers like iPhone users. Zooming out, though, is something we really
should be able to do. So just hold a hardware button and bring the phone
closer to your face!

The site/image should be shrunk in such a way that you'll think it is
stationary "behind" the phone, and the phone screen is a window through
which you can view this image/site! When you've spotted something you want
to focus on, somewhere else on the page, don't scroll, just keep holding the
button bringing the phone/window down to that place. If you stop holding the
button, the image can either stay where it is, or go to it's original

Just imagine, if you think of the screen as a window, what incredibly fun
games you could develop for the phone!

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