Some ideas for the accelerometer

Wolfgang Silbermayr wosi at
Fri Oct 12 12:15:33 CEST 2007

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Fabian Off wrote:

> Well, this exact idea didn't came up before, but there was a discussion 
> whether an accelerometer could/should be use for input. The summary is: No, 
> due to the fact the accelerations are too un-uniqe. They might happen while 
> walking, or anywhere else...
> I personally do like this idea, but I think it's too hard to implent... (I'm 
> on a Macbook Pro with motion sensors, and it's nearly impossible to detect 
> whether it's been moved or shaken...)

What is the sampling frequency of the accelerometers? If it is fast
enough that you can get the information of moving or shaking, it should
not be very difficult to find out wether it has been moved or shaken,
given you collect the samples over time and evaluate them.

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