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Wolfgang Silbermayr wolfgang at
Fri Oct 12 20:22:10 CEST 2007

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Jay Vaughan wrote:
> Hi!  I'm already in Austria (Vienna) and have been hacking on Openmoko
> for a few months now .. I recently gave a talk at MQ for the subotron
> electric meeting, on the subject of homebrew .. perhaps you could tell
> me more about what you require?

Hi Jay!
Actually I would just like to have somebody present the project and tell
what it it is about, what the visions/ideas/possibilities are for the
future. I think it is basically important to get openmoko into the
people's mind. I do neither have enough insight into the project (yet)
nor do I have a Neo1973 to hack on. In my opinion an university like
ours is the perfect terrain to present a device like this because here
tomorrow's developers are educated, and because of the closeness between
our subjects and the skills necessary for openmoko development, there
will be many overlapping interests.
What was the talk at MQ about? Do you have a paper or something that you
can send to me, so I can get an idea?

Greetings, Wolfgang.
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