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Sat Oct 13 08:30:08 CEST 2007

Hi Ryan,

That's a great idea. I too learn best from examples.

I'll add this to the list.


Ryan Prior wrote:
> I'd like to see a package of simply, fully working, high-quality example 
> applications, including tutorials on cross-compiling and linking against 
> different versions of the various OpenMoko libraries. It would provide 
> an excellent starting point for developers such as myself who want to 
> dive in but usually get bogged down in code that is written to do work, 
> not to look pretty and demonstrate the principals of how the system is 
> put together.
> Documentation is great, but if it's dense it will only benefit the more 
> hardcore hackers. I hope to eventually become one of those more hardcore 
> hackers, but I feel like I need an entry point. :-)
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>     Hello everyone,
>     I have some updates for you, and a question.
>     First the updates:
>     The GTA01 units that were shipped in the past two weeks have satisfied
>     the back orders for GTA01. There continues to be demand for GTA01 so we
>     are building some more.
>     GTA02 Wifi hardware has been working for about a week, so work can
>     proceed on the driver, which is currently in a pretty minimal state.
>     We're very happy with the u-blox/Atmel ATR0635 GPS Receiver, and thus
>     have made the decision to use this chip.
>     GTA02v3, the third revision of GTA02, is still being verified and
>     tested. This will take another couple of weeks, at which point we'll
>     make GTA02v4.
>     Now the question:
>     We want to make it easier for developers to work with OpenMoko. We
>     realize that many of our resources (e.g. wiki, website, development
>     tools) are decidedly not user friendly at the moment and that other
>     resources ( e.g. documentation) are missing. I'm going to start
>     putting a
>     lot more energy into this, and I'd like to hear your thoughts in general
>     and in particular what should be tackled first. You may reply either to
>     the list or to me personally, as you wish.
>     Sincerely,
>     Michael
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