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Sat Oct 13 11:46:21 CEST 2007

la, 2007-10-13 kello 10:10 +0100, Joseph Heenan kirjoitti:
> Possibly silly question, but how did you manage this? For me, the qtopia 
> images seemed to completely empty the battery within about 5 hours 
> without even making any calls so I feel I'm missing an obvious trick :)

I'm not who was asked, but I manage it by keeping it plugged in often :]

I will be going back to OpenMoko though as soon as the gsmd issues are
fixed. I have to admit that not being able to use it as a rudimentary
phone has decreased my motivations for doing much development for it
(though I did do that draft of a workstation remote control app).

Or, at the latest, for the OpenMoko presentations I'll be doing
(independent of FIC and OpenMoko inc.) in Helsinki, Finland. FUUG will
host a seminarish thing hereabouts on October 21st, and the student
association of the University of Helsinki in association with FLUG (and
possibly FUUG, I forget) hold monthly Linux theme nights, with November
14th being my OpenMoko talk. These talks will most probably have a lot
in common in practice :]

I'll be posting my notes for interested parties.

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