Bi-weekly OpenMoko community update

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Sat Oct 13 16:58:24 CEST 2007

> We want to make it easier for developers to work with OpenMoko. We  
> realize that many of our resources (e.g. wiki, website, development  
> tools) are decidedly not user friendly at the moment and that other  
> resources (e.g. documentation) are missing. I'm going to start  
> putting a lot more energy into this, and I'd like to hear your  
> thoughts in general and in particular what should be tackled first.  
> You may reply either to the list or to me personally, as you wish.

I would like to see a more 'official' or at least well-promoted  
weekly build of the distribution that we (developers) can all be  
testing our stuff against .. maybe with some of the more interesting  
stuff thats being done included.  There is very little cohesion, it  
seems, with the different people working on different aspects of the  
OpenMoko distribution; if there was an 'official' maintainer who  
could gather the stuff together and provide regular 'official',  
working builds, this would be very helpful ..


Jay Vaughan

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