Update: GPS driver for GTA01 and GSM firmware for GTA01

Mark Chandler mcl at bitwise.org
Sat Oct 13 19:59:27 CEST 2007

Michael Shiloh wrote:
> I have received some further updates from Harald.
> Apparently we have resolved the legal issues with the driver for the 
> GPS chip on GTA01, and the problem right now is that we switched from 
> OABI to EABI. The original driver from Global Locate / Broadcom worked 
> for OABI but is not quite working for EABI. Work is proceeding on this.
> To expand a little on what Harald wrote, thanks to TI we are now able 
> to distribute the upgraded GSM firmware, but we're still working on 
> the exact distribution terms for the firmware update program.
> Michael
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Many thanks for bringing this news to us. This is progress!

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