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Graham Williams Graham.Williams at togaware.com
Sun Oct 14 02:41:45 CEST 2007

Received Sun 14 Oct 2007  4:17am +1000 from Lorn Potter:
> Ryan Prior wrote:
>> Nope, no trick. QTopia just doesn't have support for power saving on 
>> Neo1973 last I heard, so the battery you're life is the battery life 
>> everybody's getting. It is an issue that will be resolved, though.
> It does have support for resume/suspend. We just turn it off by default 
> because the modem seems to go wonky. If you do turn on suspending, you just 
> have to restart Qtopia to make phone calls/sms again.
> As far as I know, this seems to effect Openmoko as well, unless I am wrong.
>> On 10/13/07, *Joseph Heenan* <joseph at picsel.com 
>> <mailto:joseph at picsel.com>> wrote:
>>     Graham Williams wrote:
>>      > However, I have been using the Neo as my main phone for making and
>>      > receiving phone calls and messaging for a couple of weeks now using
>>      > the Qtopia image (
>>     http://www.qtopia.net/modules/devices/openmoko.php).
>>     Possibly silly question, but how did you manage this? For me, the 
>> qtopia
>>     images seemed to completely empty the battery within about 5 hours
>>     without even making any calls so I feel I'm missing an obvious trick 
>> :)

Yes, 5 hours seems to be the limit. So, as long as I plug it in to the
USB whilst working, and then my meetings and travelling last no more
than 5 hours, all is well!!!


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