dev mess

Kero van Gelder kero at
Sun Oct 14 10:41:56 CEST 2007

> > > Is dropbear broken for other people updating their OM dev env?
> > 
> > There are thousands of recipes in OE and occasionally a change does
> > break things. However, I rebuild my environment most days and haven't
> > had the problems you describe.
> Thanks.
> I've to install the dev env on a second laptop anyhow, so I'll just move
> it higher on my prio list.

Done. Has dropbear symlinks.

ttf-fonts/ttf-liberation had very funky problems, though.
It tried to download some fonts from
but it says in the bitbake file (SRC_URI):
yet if I replace that by
(without S, thanks ScaredyCat)
it successfully downloads

Needless to say, I'm baffled.

> > When I had problems with gsmd it would lock the entire phone but it
> > wouldn't print anything out as far as I know. The following bug report
> > might be of some help:
> >
> You bet!
> Some of these things sound familiar.
> Good enough to try to fix my problems.

Taking the console=ttySAC0 out of the bootargs allows me to restart
gsmd. Especially the symptom of halting after a few seconds was
recognizable. The real solution seems close, too, from what I
read in the follow-up on bug 788 from yesterday :)

Also, for the first time the openmoko image asked me about my PIN.
(either doesn't restart gsmd a handful of times on boot, or can do so safely now)

So now I can start complaining about small problems, like:
 - gsmd does not hang up when I tell the Dialer to
   (at least when the other side hasn't picked up, yet)
   this can easily be seen with libgsmd-tool
 - when there's no SIM, gsm applet keeps telling me that the
   phone is connected to the network. Every ten seconds or so.
 - when there is a SIM, no applets whatsoever.


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