application idea -- anti theft system

Steve openmokolists at
Sun Oct 14 20:52:40 CEST 2007

Stroller wrote:
> On 13 Oct 2007, at 00:09, Derek Pressnall wrote:
>> I have an idea for a simple alarm application.  The idea is that if
>> you leave your phone sitting at your desk plugged in charging, then
>> you can activate an app that will play an alrarm sound as soon as the
>> devices is unplugged (with a popup keypad to enter a disarm code).
>> A variant would use the gps to determine if the phone has moved more
>> than a few feet from where you left it.
> I can think of lots of other ways to implement anti-theft measures in
> this phone.
> IMO if I'm too far away from the phone to notice someone nicking it then
> I'm unlikely to hear it making an alarm sound.
> I would have it instead check and if it
> doesn't get a 404 (i.e. you only put the file there when the phone has
> been stolen) then have it email you its GPS position.

You may want to do the opposite.  Your phone may think it's being stolen
if you happen to get on something like a wireless connection with
NoCatSplash. (Which hijacks the first attempt to grab a web page in
order to show you a welcome page.)

I'd be tempted to have PGP signed stolen/not stolen pages to alleviate
any ambiguity.  Failure to retrieve either would just be ignored.


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