application idea -- anti theft system

Ian Darwin ian at
Mon Oct 15 04:14:22 CEST 2007

Steve wrote:

> You may want to do the opposite.  Your phone may think it's being stolen
> if you happen to get on something like a wireless connection with
> NoCatSplash. (Which hijacks the first attempt to grab a web page in
> order to show you a welcome page.)
> I'd be tempted to have PGP signed stolen/not stolen pages to alleviate
> any ambiguity.  Failure to retrieve either would just be ignored.

Better yet, have the phone activate a Servlet or CGI that saves the IP 
address from the request (and pass the GPS info if the device has a fix) 
every so often? On a Laptop you'd do this at bootup time + 15m (to give 
the thief time to get past the NoCatSplash or its equivalents. On a 
Phone, maybe once an hour out of cron?

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