interface design suggestions

Jeffrey Thomas eljefedelito at
Mon Oct 15 19:19:57 CEST 2007

To be honest, I understand the concepts of better contrast etc, but the proposed interface is very blockish and not nearly as nice looking as the fades and the use of Orange in the current.  I do understand that it is a quick mockup, and that I myself have had no suggestions (nor do I claim to know about usability), but I really like the current look quite a bit more than the proposed.  I dislike the white fields in the proposed, and the large number of colours; there is much to like in the current: the circular keys, the rounded edges everywhere, the slight boarders to the various frames and fields, all make for a nicer looking interface (IMHO).  At the resolution the phone provides, I don't think that the phone should look like it has a lot less by removing these stylistic details.

Again, I am just one person with the desire to help influence this great project, and the overall goal is to make a great phone.  I appreciate the work of all in this endever, as I really am only a "buystander."  The usability team will really know best, and I am hoping it is all themeable anyway.  Dani, you've put more thought into this than I, and you seem to know.  I just like the current so much, orange and grey looks great.


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