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Tue Oct 16 09:49:14 CEST 2007

It isn't a matter of what "G" the Neo1973 supports.  In this case you are
talking about data access (GPRS versus EDGE, etc).  The problem is that the
Neo only supports GSM cellular networks, and according to the GSM
Association [1] , Japan does not use GSM.   In Japan they use UMTS (which is
marketed as the "next generation GSM").  To put this even simpler, the Neo
supports the standard GSM bands (850/1900, 900/1800) and Japan's UMTS uses
1700 & 2100.

So the short version, unless there is some other hidden GSM carrier in Japan
(and I dont live there, so there could be), the Neo is not radio compatible
with Japanese cellular networks

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On 10/16/07, Torsten Wagner <tottiwagner at> wrote:
> David Schlesinger schrieb:
> > You'll need to find some hardware to run it on, the Neo1973 won't
> > function in Japan. It's a GSM phone, and Japan's system is pretty much
> > completely WCDMA...
> >
> Hi David,
> do you now for sure that the Neo will not work (as a phone) in Japan ? I
> thought that 2.5G devices might work by selecting the correct provider.
> Neo does not come with EDGE but with some of the 3G features. Is there
> for sure no provider in Japan which might be able to support the Neo ?
> Furthermore, I heard some rumours (several years ago) that the Japanese
> goverment was discussing to establish a complete VoIP-network in Japan
> [1]. They wrote that the network might be ready 2007 (which is now :) )
> Is someone able to confirm or to give any status about this news ?
> It might be even interesting to know for the openmoko-people, since if
> it will be true, openmoko might be able to sell the neo-device even to
> Japan... a country full of gadget loving nerds ;) (to be political
> correct please let me say that for sure not all Japanese are nerds ;) )
> Bye
> Torsten
> [1]
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